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    • Chicco Musical Bunny Rabbit

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      Light up your child’s world with the Chicco Musical Bunny Rabbit and keep them entertained in their cot with fun music Chicco Musical Bunny Rabbit is a soft rabbit to be cuddled and played with.  Three coloured buttons to listen to fun sound effects and a central button to activate happy melodies. Tease your baby with the Musical Bunny Rabbit By Chicco as he or she lies in the cot having fun. This bunny rabbit has cute eyes and a huge smile that will light up your child’s world. Press the button on its chest to play different tunes to keep your baby busy having fun. This Musical Bunny Rabbit is ideal for both boys and girls over the age of 5 months who love music. The bunny rabbit weighs 246 g which makes it easy for your child to carry around. Teach your baby which buttons to press to play the music

    • Chicco Rainbow Activity Phone

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      Develop your baby's sensory and tactical skills with the Chicco Rainbow Activity Phone's flashing lights, super fun sounds and musical melodies keeping them entertained for hours! The fun packed Chicco Rainbow Activity Phone features flashing lights, fun sounds and musical melodies. Helps develop sensory and tactile skills. This fun packed push-along activity phone has: Flashing lights Fun sounds Melodies  

    • Chicco Rainbow Spinner

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      Introduce the concept of cause and effect to your 6 month plus baby with the Chicco Rainbow Spinner enhancing their coordination skills and also help in visual exploration. The Chicco Rainbow Spinner is an ideal toy to introduce the concept of cause and effect. Simply press down the handle to make the top spin, creating a swirling blend of colors as the butterflies and ladybugs spin around the centre mirror. The Rainbow Spinner will spin happiness into your baby’s life. This Spinner is a cute little spinner which has many bright rainbow colors which kids adore and love. It consists of pretty butterflies and cute ladybirds which spins around on pressing the plunger creating a medley of colors. Children are mesmerized by the vibrant colors and watch it with interest and awe and helps in the overall development of the child by enhancing their coordination skills and also helps in visual exploration. This product is ideal for infants both boys and girls aged above six months. Awards

    • Chicco Spin n Squirt Duckling

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      Make bath time fun by adding the Chicco Spin n Squirt Duckling Bath Toy to the water! Wind up the Chicco Spin n Squirt Duckling feet and watch the fun as it spins in the water. Press the button on its back to make a water spray effect. From age 6 m+ Very few kids like having a bath and when you force them to take one, they get fussy. Make bath time fun by adding bath toys that float in the water for your kids to play with. The Chicco Spin n Squirt Duckling Bath Toy is the first bath toy you should pick up as the rubber duckling is the most popular. This duckling can spin around without toppling and can also squirt water when pressed. This bath toy is perfect for both boys and girls in the age group of 6 to 24 months who love birds. Spray water for added fun by pressing the button on the back Key Features

    • Chicco Teddy Count With Me

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      Teach your child English and Italian first numbers and first words in both English and Italian! The soft and cuddly Chicco Teddy Count with Me teaches children first numbers and first words in English and Italian. By pressing the bright buttons on the bear’s tummy, the child has fun with happy nursery rhymes, counting along with him and discovers the names of the fruits and animals. Buttons on the hand and feet stimulate the child to interact with its new friend. Turn Teddy upside-down and hear him giggle.